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We have partnered with experts in a specific field who will bring your travel to another level. Our professional partners will satisfy your intellectual curiosity with a detailed explanation.

Sommlier of Buddha satatue

Ichiro Kojima

After considerable experiences of working at Kyoto Prefectural government, incorporated foundation relating to cultural assets, Ichiro Kojima is now a Senior Distinguished Researcher of Kyoto Sangyo University and an ambassador of “Kyoto Kanko Omotenashi  Taishi.” He calls himself “Sommelier of Buddha statue,” giving a lecture and publishing a book about Saijiki and cultural properties around Japan to introduce the charms of Kyoto.

Pictures taken on actual tour (2021)

Garden Designer

Yuri Ugaya

Yuri Ugaya is a garden designer and producer based in Japan. She was born and raised in Kyoto. After studied Japanese cultural history at University in Kyoto, she went abroad to over 30 counties, solely for the purpose of admiring the gardens. She studied gardening at Niagara Parks Commission School of Horticulture in Canada and had an experience in Kew Gardens, England. Her major works include a Japanese “Zen” garden she created at the Grand Central Station, New York in 2017.

Pictures taken on actual tour (2021)

History Guide

Manabu Mitsuishi

Manabu Mitsuishi has been working at the forefront field of Japanese mythology. When Kumanokodo Road was registered on a world heritage site as a “Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range” in 2004, he was invited as a member of a non-governmental organization, ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites). At present, he passed down the history through generations and the pleasure of strolling beautiful cobblestone paths with a remarkably long history.

Pictures taken on actual tour (2021)

Monk of Koyasan

Nobuhiro Tamura

Nobuhiro Tamura is one of the monks who dwell in Koyasan, a major pilgrimage site for followers of Buddhism. He entered the Buddhist priesthood more than 10 years ago and experienced life as a Buddhist practitioner at a temple of Koyasan. He will be guiding you to the principal place of Koyasan step by step, helping you understand the difficult concept of Esoterism, and giving you details that travelers might not notice on unaccompanied visits. 

Pictures taken on actual tour (2021)

Owner and executive chef at Restaurant Zeniya

Shinichiro Takagi

Shinichiro Takagi is the second-generation owner and executive chef at highly acclaimed restaurant Zeniya, located in Kanazawa. (Ishikawa Pref.)
Although he once studied abroad in the U.S, and his major at university was commercial science, he distinguished himself as a chef who provides an unforgettable dining experience in Japan. He enhances the local delicacies by accompanying it with the perfect local sake of Kanazawa, a region renowned for its sake breweries. Following his curiosity for the pinnacle of Japanese cuisine, he has been invited to serve his exquisite dishes at numerous important events across the globe. Furthermore, his restaurant Zeniya got two Michelin stars, one of the greatest honors that all chefs aspire to.

Pictures taken on actual tour (2021)

Professional skier / Ph.D. in Medicine

Gota Miura

Gota Miura is the youngest son of Yuichiro Miura, “The Man Who Skied Down Everest”. Because of his unique family background, he climbed Monte Rose and Mt. Kilimanjaro at the age of 11, Mt. Elbrus (Russia) at the age of 16. Participated in the Lillehammer Olympic Games (1994) and Nagano Olympic Games (1998), he has long been a prominent mogul skier in Japan. Thus, he was involved with freestyle skiing World Cup and Olympic Game commentator. In Sochi Olympic(2014) and PyeongChang Olympic(2018) he commentated on 4 Freestyle skiing events. (During these events, His commentating were so unorthodox for the Japanese that, they made him famous as a unique commentator rather than climber or skier.) Along with his personal carrier, he was supporting his father Yuichiro Miura to climb Mt. Everest at the age of 70,75 and 80years old (The current world record of oldest to climb Mt. Everest). Gota himself had stepped the summit of Everest twice in these expeditions.

Pictures taken on actual tour (2018, 2021)

Chief priest of Niutsuhime Jinja

Niu Koichi

After having accumulated experience of  working at Jinja Honcho(Association of Shinto Shrines), Koichi finally became the chief priest of Niutsuhime Jinja in 1985. Niutsuhime Jinja was registered as a World Heritage of “Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range.”

Pictures taken by tour escort

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