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What you can Experience

Our itinerary includes several undocumented surprises. We will take you to some exceptional places which are not open to the public. Wait till you hear!

A knowledgeable specialist will accompany you throughout the whole tour to help you understand how to truly appreciate and notice the hidden messages infused in the Japanese garden.

There are endless choices of cuisines in Japan. An essential dining experience that is unique in both its cuisine and atmosphere can be found in Kyoto.

Ideal Itinenary

Garden Designer

Yuri Ugaya

Yuri Ugaya is a garden designer and producer based in Japan. She was born and raised in Kyoto. After studied Japanese cultural history at University in Kyoto, she went abroad to over 30 counties, solely for the purpose of admiring the gardens. She studied gardening at Niagara Parks Commission School of Horticulture in Canada and had an experience in Kew Gardens, England. Her major works include a Japanese “Zen” garden she created at the Grand Central Station, New York in 2017.

Pictures taken on actual tour (2021)

This is sample itinerary. If you have any further requests or questions, please feel free to contact us.