• Hiroshima 作成中

    3-Night Stay at Ryokan with Tranquil Japanese Garden

    Discovering the Charms of Hiroshima,
    Home to the 'Floating Torii.'

What you can Experience

Oysters are the famous delicacy of Hiroshima Prefecture. Enjoy a stop at an oyster farm where you will get to observe how the professionals carefully shucked oysters without risking damage when inserting the tip of the knife into the hinge of the shell. (*only available from November to March.)

Saijo is one of the three major brewing districts in Japan. Visit the sake breweries to discover the authentic taste and learn the production process of the world’s best sake from toji (master brewers) in person.

The centuries-old Itsukushima Shrine is registered as a world heritage site and known for its striking red torii gate submerged in the water which perfectly achieved harmony with nature. During high tide, the shrine and its torii gate seemingly float in the sea. Later in the day during low tide, you could walk out to the torii gate.

Ideal Itinenary



Situated on the other side of Miyajima Island, Sekitei will promise you a peaceful and tranquil time while walking around its serene Japanese garden.Come in contact with Japanese aesthetic principles during your stay.
Dinner will be provided with beautiful plates handmade by local artists. Savor elaborate dishes featuring marine and mountain delights from the Setouchi region. 

This is sample itinerary. If you have any further requests or questions, please feel free to contact us.