The leading company provides exclusive trips by pursuing quality rather than quantity.

It All Began.

GLOBAL has been one of Japan’s leading specialists in overseas travel for almost 55 years. In just two years after the deregulation of overseas travel in 1964, our predecessor “Europe Cultural Studies Association” was established in Kagoshima. A Royal Dutch Airlines flight was chartered and 137 young people including junior high school students were dispatched to Europe for cultural exchange. GLOBAL, formerly offered educational travel for students since the inaugural European tour, contributed to breaking the mold that travel is something experienced exclusively by the upper classes.

Now, with the special brand of know-how and long years of experience, we offer tours with specific themes for discerning travelers: Concert Cruise with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra on the Western Mediterranean Sea, a special collaboration with Relais & Châteaux, a tour flying into Antarctica, a journey on world-renowned luxury train represented by Rovos Rail and Blue Train. In recent years, we have also focused on domestic tours for senior guests who are incapable of traveling abroad. With the cooperation of our partners throughout Japan, we can offer an experience beyond the reach of individual travelers.

Values we live by.

We carefully select each and every accommodation and restaurant to deliver high-quality tourism products and services to discerning travelers. Guests will be welcomed by courteous and professional staff who guarantee a warm-hearted service based on the Japanese philosophy of “omotenashi”, which is said to be the pinnacle of hospitality.


We offer a variety of accommodation that matches your taste. -Whether it references traditional craftsmanship where you could come into contact with the culture and arts of Japan, or a room that integrates Western comforts into traditional Japanese style that comes with a private open-air hot spring, or a hideaway ryokan known only to those in the know which has an excellent reputation for cuisine.


Not only do we emphasize fancy and artful options, but we also select a farm-to-table restaurant that serves dishes with seasonal nutrient-dense ingredients harvested and delivered directly to the restaurant from local producers. We also love to discover a hideaway restaurant where you can enjoy an authentic culinary delight with just a few others in a remote place.


By working collaboratively with the local community, we provide unparalleled access to authentic cultural experiences involving interactions with locals who are eager to share time-honored traditions that have been passed down for generations. They are looking forward to assisting you in experiencing its culture and creating lifelong memories.

GLOBAL will constantly strive to offer sustainable tourism by making a long-lasting connection with locals for the development of their communities.

13 Awards Received.

Relais & Châteaux -
Established in 1954, Relais & Châteaux is an association of more than 580 landmark hotels and restaurants operated by independent innkeepers, chefs, and owners who share a passion for their businesses and a desire for authenticity in their relationships with their clientele.

Global won Outbound Grand Prix 2019 for
"Staying at Relais & Châteaux Auberge."

The winning of the Outbound Grand Prix had achieved by the mutual trust based on the long-term partnership between the companies. By carefully coordinating all the aspects of travel step by step with the owner of hotels and chefs, the collaboration with the worldwide group Relais & Châteaux made it possible for our guests to savor the unique aspects of the destination that can't be experienced by traveling individually.

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We Are Committed To The Excellence In Tourism.

  • Each staff is active in all processes of making tours including planning, inspecting, arranging, making brochures and escorting tours. We guarantee the highest standard of service and warmhearted tours.
  • We promise to support you generously until everything is completed. For your preparation, we will inform you of the present situation of locals, what-to-bring, latest updates on weather, currency, and any other conditions.
  • We coordinate tours by considering guests’ backgrounds and personal information. We make sure that your needs will be well taken care of.

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