I was born in Tokyo, raised in Chiba Pref.  While ALPINE is celebrating its 50th anniversary, I have been working at this company for over 40 years. As my second life, I had a long-held yearning to introduce the hidden charms of Japan to foreign trekkers abroad. Japan is chock full of outdoor attractions, including the well-preserved historical Nakasendo Way in Nagano Pref., Hakone with a stunning view and abundance of hot springs, and tranquil Goto Islands.

I was born in Osaka, and graduate university in neighboring Kyoto. Prompted by my curiosity, I challenged myself to reach the summit of the unclimbed mountain in the Himalayas during my university days. Now I undertake the role of tour leader at ALPINE to provide life-changing moments to my customers. Being a great fan of outdoor sports, I spent most of my time either hiking or skiing, for work and personal pleasure. The Northern Alps and Shiretoko(Hokkaido) is always my favorite. 


My home town is Kamakura, a famous ancient city with many temples and Big Buddha. Kamakura is in Kanagawa Pref., south of Tokyo. When I was a student, I played windsurfing almost every weekend. I’ve participated in the World Champions held in Thailand by the French company name of Mistral. That was my first trip abroad.

We are preparing to welcome all our friends from Europe through our partner companies to Japan.

I was born and raised in Tokyo. My home town is Ikegami, close to Kamata, the stage of the well-known Japanese TV drama “Shitamachi Rocket.”

I have traveled to over 70 countries around the world. I believe social interaction with the locals is what makes the travel memorable. Therefore, we are preparing you could travel comfortably and safely while enjoying meeting people in Japan.

I was born and raised in Osaka, known as the “kitchen of Japan.” Since Osaka is a treasure trove of an authentic taste of traditional and modern Japan, people in Osaka are ruined by spending too much on food. So do I!

Kyoto, Japan’s ancient capital, is my favorite place. It turned out to be a modern city, but you could still feel the historical atmosphere by its charms such as shrines, temples, gardens, festivals.

I was raised in Bethpage, where is the countryside in New York. It took only 30 minutes by car to New York City, so I often went to see some Broadway shows with my family. I moved to Yokohama when I was going to be 7 years old, and moved to Narashino city in Chiba Pref. when I was 11 years old.

My favorite place in Japan is the Setouchi region. It is famous for its moderate climate, oyster, and delicious citrus fruits. You can go on cycling to cross through the islands or cruise the smooth ocean or just relax with watching the ocean view.

I have more than 30 years of experience in GLOBAL, including three years at the London branch.

My favorite place in Japan is the Tohoku region, consisting of Aomori, Akita, Iwate, Yamagata, Miyagi, and Fukushima. These prefectures are rich in nature, rice paddies, country houses, traditional festivals, warm locals, and delicious food. You can enjoy from a completely different perspective besides the modern big cities.

The small town of Ome is where I have been living ever since I was born. It is in the foothills of western Tokyo, and it takes about 90 minutes train ride from Tokyo station.

Being a mountaineer, I love Kamikochi in Nagano Pref., a serene valley high up in the Northern Japanese Alps. The sight of the wooden Kappa Bridge surrounded by the lush greenery of the over 3000-meter peaks towering in the background is one of the most beautiful scenes in all of Japan.

I grew up in Higashi-Osaka City, known as the industrial city of Japan. A wide variety of products including plastics, paper, and textiles are manufactured. Although I’ve been spending most of my life in Osaka, my favorite place in Japan is Hokkaido for its magnificent nature and delicious seafood. As for my overseas experience, I studied in Halifax, Canada for a year.

I’m looking forward to introducing many beautiful, attractive, and interesting places in Japan, with our spirit of hospitality, “Omotenashi.”

I was born and raised in Aiji(Ehime Pref.), surrounded by rice fields and mountains. The origin of the name Aiji is “If you love people, you will feel better.” Therefore, the people in Aiji are kind-hearted. I prefer the quiet place surrounded by the mountains or the sea where reminds me of my hometown, rather than the city with tall buildings. I believe the true attraction of Japan is in such a place.

I would be happy to introduce a wonderful place in Japan to as many people as possible.

I was born and raised in Nagano Pref. Surrounded by magnificent mountains, it is called “the Roof of Japan”. My favorite place Kamikochi, impresses people with its tapestry-like landscapes.

Hokkaido, the biggest prefecture in Japan, is my favorite too. It attracts many outdoor lovers with its unspoiled nature and national parks. What’s more, it is also known as a gourmet kingdom! Not only fresh seafood, but crops that grew up with clean water also have unrivaled quality and taste.