About Us

Our Core Value

Our primary focus is providing the means to fulfill the objectives expressed in our philosophy.
A philosophy that defines travel as an ongoing process of discovery
aimed at promoting a greater appreciation of other people, cultures, and ways of thinking
as an important first step on the road to international understandings.

A joint travel service customized
by two Japanese expert companies

ALPINE and GLOBAL, both companies have a history of
more than 50 years in Japan’s travel industry.


The absolute pioneer and leading company of
mountaineering trips in Japan


GLOBAL has been providing exclusive trips for selected customers to enjoy music, culture, and history, and also luxury expedition tour both in Japan and abroad. 変える

I was born in Tokyo, raised in Chiba Pref.  While ALPINE is celebrating its 50th anniversary, I have been working at this company for over 40 years. As my second life, I had a long-held yearning to introduce the hidden charms of Japan to foreign trekkers abroad. Japan is chock full of outdoor attractions, including the well-preserved historical Nakasendo Way in Nagano Pref., Hakone with a stunning view and abundance of hot springs, and tranquil Goto Islands.

My home town is Kamakura, a famous ancient city with many temples and Big Buddha. Kamakura is in Kanagawa Pref., south of Tokyo. When I was a student, I played windsurfing almost every weekend. I’ve participated in the World Champions held in Thailand by the French company name of Mistral. That was my first trip abroad.

We are preparing to welcome all our friends from Europe through our partner companies to Japan.

Memories you'll treasure for the rest of your life.